3yearavatarSaturday August 29, 2009,  marks the 3 Year anniversary for Los Angeles’ top dubstep crew and will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable events of 2009.  Featuring Plastician (UK), Babylon System (SF), 12th Planet (LA), and a host of SMOG residents, this event is really about representing LA, and those involved in helping to shape the west coast dubstep movement into what it is today.

Established in 2006, SMOG has really come into its own since and has garnered a massive following in the last few years. I know personally that SMOG has been responsible for some of my favorite events since moving out here and I can proudly say that I have never had anything short of a good time.


SMOG is a family affair. Comprised not only of motivated, like-minded individuals, the crew also contains Los Angeles’ top dubstep producers and DJs. 12th Planet, Emu, Pawn, DLX, Evol, Steady, Unit, Knyphy, Pablo Hassan and Kemst are all residents and are some of North America’s premier and forward thinking talent in the genre. Make sure to check them all out on Myspace.

And let’s not forget miss Ivy Something. This post wouldn’t be true to the ideals of this collective if she wasn’t represented. As SMOG den mother and resident V, her attitude and enthusiasm for her extended family and this music is unrivaled… and they love her for it.

smog004siteIn 2007 SMOG launched its label project, adding another asset in the company’s repertoire and a platform for the producers of the crew. With 4 solid releases under it’s belt, and some heaters on deck, this is definitely an imprint to watch for.

SMOG004 ft. 12th Planet is out now on Chemical.


Synonymous with quality events, proper sound, music and atmosphere, it is clear that figurehead Drew Best is focused on building a brand that promotes and promises satisfaction with each and every show along with championing the exposure and introduction of new artists, both local and abroad.

I’ve known Drew for a few years now since meeting him at a SMOG sideroom event when I first came out to check the Los Angeles scene with Rinse Magazine. I’ve come to realize that he is one of those people you meet in music whose opinion you don’t take for granted, and whose perspective and passion sets his endeavors far above the curve.

What has been your most memorable SMOG experience?

Drew: I would have to say our event this past January was the most memorable one. It was the biggest show I personally had ever done, but I loved the teamwork that came along with putting on that event. We spent a couple weeks preparing the venue, from sanding down beams, pulling out nails, clearing debris, clearing out the dust, blacking out the windows, handing off scaffolding, installing power.. Then all the legal hoops, the promotion, and to see it all work out so well in the end. It was an epic experience and I really feel like it entered LA into the next level of dubstep events. To see it go from a dark room with a handfull of people to a warehouse packed to the gills with a line wrapped around the building was really incredible. That had to have been my most proud moment.


What’s on deck for the label?

Drew: We have two releases coming out soon – which are both included in the Smog mix below – SMOG 005 is going to be a collab with 12th Planet and a producer in Vancouver named Datsik. After that SMOG 006 will be some home town heat – an amazing track by Kelly Dean and Steady called Teflon, backed with a Smog All Stars EMU & PAWN track called Headshot, featuring Florida’s big dubstep mc Werd 2 Jah on the vocals. Beyond that, we will be doing a full length album with DLX which will be released digitally. We have really stepped up the digital game, our distributor SEED has been doing an amazing job getting our music into the right hands. So yea – a lot of things with the label are brewing!

You’ve done SMOG events now in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Las Vegas.. tell me a bit about where you are looking to take the brand from here?

Drew: I’d like to spread it out a bit more. I really wanted to do an event in Chicago this summer, but some venue issues caused it to fall apart. I am still working on making that happen, just got pushed back a little. Otherwise, I’ve been in talks with people in NY, Miami, Vancouver.. Would love to get something going overseas. Even if it’s a couple of our dj’s playing some gigs, I’d be ecstatic about that.

Resident DJ UNIT has provided us with an all-SMOG mix to tie you over until Saturday’s show.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Click Here to Download “Unit – Smog 3 year mix”
(Stream & Download Courtesy of Media Contender)

01.  Kelly Dean and Steady – Teflon (Forthcoming SMOG)
02.  12th Planet & DatsiK – Texx Mahrs (Forthcoming SMOG)
03.  12thPlanet – Smokescreen (SMOG001)
04.  Dj Evol – Sickness (SMOG001)
05.  Unit and Direct Feed – The Other Side (dub)
06.  DLX – Matter of Facts (SMOG003)
07.  DLX – Matter Of Facts (Breakage’s Relativley Speaking Remix) (SMOG003)
08.  12th Planet – Hell – o ft Define (SMOG002)
09.  DLX – The Cure (dub)
10.  12th Planet – Ptera Patrick64 (SMOG004)
11.  Datsik – Galvanize (Forthcoming SMOG)
12.  12th Planet – Be Blatant (SMOG004)
13.  DLX & Steady – Uprock (dub)
14.  Guns and Bombs – Riddle of Steel (12th Planet & teaLong remix) (dub)
15.  EMU and Pawn – Headshot (Forthcoming SMOG)
16.  Juakali – Reasons (prod 12th Planet) (dub)
17.  12th Planet FT Ras Kass – West Coast Dub (dub)
18.  12th Planet ft EMU – Control (Skreamix) (Basshead)
19.  12th Planet – C-Sick (dub)
20.  DLX – Its Never Too Late (dub)

As a bonus, EMU has supplied a new NIN bootleg.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Click Here to Download “NIN – All The Love In The World (EMU Rmx)”
(Stream & Download Courtesy of Media Contender)

So, let’s recap. 12 artists, DTLA warehouse, visuals, live art and Turbo Sound ..need I say more? Even if you have no idea who anyone on the lineup is, come check it out, trust me. For those of you not in the state or out of driving range, get your ass on a plane and fly here. If you absolutely can’t make it, be sure to tune into the night-of because this epic occasion is broadcasting LIVE in video!



Photo Credits: The Konspiracy Th3ory, Regal D, Krazy Kreations


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    thank you Media Contender!!

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    boh! great article! and looks like fucking killer show!

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    Congrats, Smog. A well-deserved group of guys and gals to have made it this far.

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    wicked show…wish i could be there for it!! my hat goes off to the SMOG fam!

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    Hey are there pictures from the SMOG 3 Year somewhere? Can’t seem to find any. Thanks!

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