Rusko & 12th Planet at Avalon by Regal D


Wow, its taken me this long for what happened at Control at the Avalon a couple Friday’s ago to sink in. When we arrived at the venue there was a line all the way down Vine to Hollywood Blvd and around the corner. There was still a Deftones show going on so we had to wait around a bit, but when things finally kicked off it was unlike anything I have ever seen for a Dubstep party and believe me folks, i’ve been to a few. 12th Planet started off playing for the ladies and then teased the rambunctious crowd with some tear out and then brought it back nice and smooth, then slammed them again, getting the 2300 people according to the promoter, nice and warm. When Rusko finally hit the stage the place was erupting, and he absolutely murdered it. It was one of those you had to be there kinda parties, luckily we were and maybe you were too, if not, you can be now. Check out the gallery featuring Regal D, some amazing photos in there.

Also check out this ninja vid from Glen to give you an idea of how bonkers it was. This guy is also every where, a true Media Contender.

Scion House Party Shot by Regal D



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