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DLX has a big month ahead of him. Tonight marks the night of his very first full-length album release party, where he will be joined by his band, Very Angry Scientist, Knyphy, Kuru, Deco, and Crystal G. The album, “Listening to Science,” is due for digital release on August 16th through none other than LA’s, SMOG. The party is a double celebration, as not only will we be cheering him on for the album release, but we will also be saying our official goodbyes before he leaves LA to move back to North Carolina.

DLX made pretty heavy rotation around the Los Angeles Dubstep scene, sharing the stage with many of the genres originators. Like many of his fellow producers, DLX has notable roots in the jungle and breakbeat arena’s, reconstructing his influences with a notable & calculated kick, snare, and bassline that sinks deep into the floor. We got the chance to ask him a few quick questions before the show, giving us a hefty amount of insight into the man behind DLX.

DLX Listening To Science Album SMOG

Tell us what this album is all about?
The album is about me finally getting to express who I am as an artist. I’ve done a ton of singles on a ton of different labels but I have always wanted to do a cohesive project like this; Its a good collection of songs to give anyone a good idea of my style. What I do. It’s Breaky, bass heavy, funky, deep and kinda weird at times. I also wanted it to stand out from most of the stuff that is being put out at the moment, since I feel like there is so much regurgitation of the same sound that is flooding the bass music market. It isn’t healthy for the scene…. but don’t get me wrong, I love big filthy bass lines as long as they’re done well. It’s gotta be in moderation though or people will get burnt out on it really quickly. By doing something different I hope [my music] will stand on its own for years to come.

What’s on the horizon for you?
I have a free EP which I’m giving away soon, once I do the final mixdowns and get artwork together, which will be a collection of songs that I have collaborated with some of my favorite vocalists on (Juakali, Jams Kennedy of Brother Reade, Julz the Huntress, and Whiskey Pete). The EP is called “Chemical Reactions”. I also have another EP coming out on Sub Chamber called “Winning The West”, which is a collection of all the tunes I have made in the past few years with LA in mind. It’s kind of a dedication to LA since I am leaving soon. Also, my band Very Angry Scientist have been in the lab working on our plan to take over and eventually destroy Earth.

Any parting words before your move back east?
Shout outs to the SMOG Crew (especially 12th Planet and Drew for allowing me to do this), Sam XL for being the first promoter in LA to book me and allowing me to play on (in my opinion) the greatest sound system ever, Uome from Steps in Time for giving me my first legitimate release, all the homies at Media Contender for supporting me over the years, the promoters who have booked me in the past, and all the DJs out there rockin my tunes!!!

Please come to my album release party. It will be fun! If not, money back guaranteed. My album “Listening To Science” will be out digitally on August 16th in most stores. We have a very limited number of physical CDs available at the show. Come see me or the SMOG merch table to get your copy.

All in all, we’re really excited to give the album an enthusiastic listen & celebrate the release with some great Dubstep people and the amazing crew that DLX calls family. It is sad to see one of the SMOG members move away from the city of its origin, but the times are changing and although we may no longer be residing in the same city we have no doubt this is not the last we will be hearing from our man, DLX.

dlx album release party


Be sure to stop by The Foundation Room at the Sunset House of Blues tonight to listen to DLX’s new album as well as witness a few really cool sets from his band and a few other SMOG members. It’s free, so no excuses.


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