SMOG 5 Year Anniversary Recap & Photos


“Pure magic” was a term I’m sure everyone in attendance at last Friday’s SMOG 5 Year Anniversary party would use to describe the event. The energy, excitement, and genuine love for dubstep and the growth of the culture within it was felt all around, easily making the night one that will remain in our hearts for a long time to come. Rarely do you ever see an event packing out before nine, but such was the case on Friday, with many people showing up early to get their hands on some of Riddim’s unfalteringly good BBQ, as well as to catch the grand premiere of 12th Planet’s documentary. We at Media Contender are no strangers to Riddim’s masterful skills on the grill, and having to tackle such a large audience seemed a somewhat daunting feat; yet many delicious meats were on deck for everybody to enjoy. The documentary, directed by the lovely Mollie Tarlow, was a production more than two years in the making. Through the progress of the documentary, we also saw a fascinating timeline of the dubstep movement as well. From early studio days and Skrillex’s glistening moments before he reached superstar status, to the huge presence of both John, SMOG, and dubstep itself in places like Miami Music Week and Electric Daisy Carnival, we got to see the ups and downs and in-betweens of one of our great friends and pioneers of the American dubstep movement, along with the many friendships he has made along the way.



The night churned on, with three areas of music creating an ambiance that the newly re-opened Galaxy Theater seemed to happily take in. All of the SMOG artists were in attendance, with many of them providing killer sets that showcased both their individual styles and the SMOG prowess. Rounding midnight, the main room was filled and the anticipation (pun intended) for Skream was high. As one of dubstep’s originators, Skream provided a relative showcase of the history of dubstep, from Midnight Request Line to his unreleased remix of the new Rusko track and everywhere in-between. The last half hour 12th Planet took the stage as well, and with that, the first ever back-to-back Skream x 12th Planet set was written in the history books. Many rushed the stage in the final moments of the show, with everyone cheering for an encore as the boys gave their thank you’s and everyone who had worked so hard for both the show and SMOG in general embraced each other with a reverie and unabashed pride in SMOG and the nights’ events.

When we get together and plan these types of shows, our imaginations run wild with idea’s on how to make them better. Everything about Smog 5 Year went perfectly to plan. We had a nice size crowd for the BBQ at 7pm, we had a great turnout for the 12th Planet documentary screening, by 10pm the venue was full. You always worry that someone performing one one stage might make it hard for someone else on another stage. At Smog 5 Year, every stage was going off all night!

We have done a few shows with Skream in cities like Miami and Chicago, but this was the first time he has actually played for us in LA so that meant a lot to us. We also knew that he would do it properly; he would do justice to everything we stood for. In the end, he blew our expectations with a performance he prepared especially for Smog. He even played the “Happy Birthday” song and dragged me on stage for it. Gotta love the guy for showing us so much love. – Drew Best , SMOG CEO


★ ★ ★ SHOT BY REGAL D ★ ★ ★

We are so incredibly proud of SMOG and feel honored to have been a part of their progression over the past five years. Dubstep has seen an incredible growth in America since 2006, and it is an unspoken fact that SMOG had plenty to do with making that happen. To Drew Best, Danny Johnson, John Dadzie, the entirety of SMOG’s repertoire of artists, everyone who’s shown support along the way, and especially to King Skream, we give thanks! Here’s to another five years!


★ ★ ★ SHOT BY OH DAG YO ★ ★ ★

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the Mini-Mix series we hosted leading up to this event, definitely go HERE to check it out.


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