Troy Kurtz: Exclusive Interview & Mixtape (Free Download)


Young Troy Kurtz, hailing from the sunny shores of Miami, is a bright talent who after establishing his status as one of Miami’s most sought after local DJs, has brought his taste to the production table. Working closely in the studio with his close friend and fellow producer, Panic Bomber, he brought out a shining new track that has already gotten a considerable amount of attention being that it’s one of his first productions…. and it’s not even released yet. (He’s also done a moombahton track with The Overthrow’s Damaged Goods… you can peep that here, as well as a few remixes).

Troy’s musical depth is something so rarely seen amongst DJ’s in this day and age; it’s strange how many get caught in a musical rut, only promoting and playing certain styles or artists. Whether you’re a dubstepper or a techno head, having roots and interests in varieties of styles is a strong point in anyone’s musical growth. This is where I think Troy shines, as his track repertoire contains everything from metal to disco, garage to house, and everywhere in between. Whether it’s a future bass mixtape (his Haute & Bothered mixtapes are what got me into that sound) or a deep house set, Troy can knock it out and still deliver it in a style all his own. Having such a vast musical knowledge has allowed him to excel in the DJ game and come out as a, for lack of a better term, strong contender in the production world.

2012 is already stacking up to be an extremely strong year for Troy, and if “Never Sleeping” is any indication of what’s to come, then I strongly suggest keeping a watchful eye on this guy. For today though, check out his insightful little interview with us this past Sunday below. The mix he brought out for us is really special, full of house jams from upcoming talents around the world. Definitely a strong mix, I think I’ve listened to it six times already.

How are you Troy? Most importantly, what did you get into last night?

I’m nursing a bit of a hangover. A couple of us polished off two bottles of Jameson for Maya Jane Coles at Electric Pickle. She smashed.

You’re a pretty established DJ in the Miami nightlife scene…. what’s the most glamorous part of that culture? and the least?

Venues like the Fontainebleau Hotel occasionally throw super extravagant shows that are packed with super models and millionaires, which is pretty fun. I opened up for Deadmau5 on New Years Day and it was the craziest event I’ve ever been a part of. The least glamourous part definitely has to be that cigarettes permitted in all the clubs here, so you always wake up smelling like an ashtray in the morning.

How’d you get your start in the music scene? Where’d your inspiration to DJ come from, and eventually to start producing?

I started DJing in College right after a trip to LA where I met the Gotta Dance Dirty kids. Trevor (Bones) had just started and he showed me the basics. I came back to Miami and got a gig at this club called Heathrow. After my set, I was taken under the wing of a newly formed creative collective called Overthrow. After a few years of DJing, I really wanted to play songs that I had made, so I bought Logic and struggled for about a year teaching myself.

Tell us more about your connections with GDD and Overthrow. How do you think they’ve helped you grow over the course of your career?

Overthrow has be been a major part of my career from the beginning. Overthrow and Poplife were the only two companies throwing electronic music parties in Miami, so after like a year of DJing I was already opening up for some of the biggest names in the industry, which was pretty intimidating. But they were supportive and really helped me grow. The GDD family is extremely close. Every time I’m with them either in LA or Miami or Cabo or Coachella, its total madness. I love them all like brothers, and its crazy how established they’re becoming on the West Coast. They’ve helped me build a bunch of relationships out there that I would’ve had a hard time making by myself.

How’s it been working with Pirate Stereo in the studio? Who else would you like to collaborate with?

Pirate Stereo has been a close friend of mine from the beginning, so we don’t have that awkwardness you sometimes run into when you work with people. He went to Berklee College of Music and has taught me some music theory, which has been rad. Once I’m more comfortable with producing, I’d really like to make a track with Danny Daze. He’s had a huge influence on me and he’s making incredible music.

Who, musical or otherwise, have been your biggest influences to date?

I’ve been really influenced by producers my age like French Fries, A1 Bassline, and Foamo. They’ve produced everything from rave to deep house, which is something I respect a lot. I think versatility is severely underrated.

Party you’d most like to play?

A 150-foot private yacht sailing around Croatia with Funktion One sound, all my closest friends, and 50 models from Milan.

Track(s) you wish you could get your hands on at the moment?

Fur Coat feat Cari Golden – You and I
The new Orbital album

Stigma about DJing you wish you could get rid of?

It’d be dope if that Simon Cowell DJ show would die. DJing is already a dirty word.

Favorite non-electronic tunes or artists at the moment?

I’ve been listening to a lot of black metal with Panic Bomber in the studio recently. This band Killl from Norway is sick.

Finally, tell us a bit about your mix for us :)

I’ve included a bunch new releases from a lot of producers I think are gonna have huge years like Prince Club, Worthy, and Sean Roman. I hope you all enjoy it!


DJ Shadow – Un Autre Introduction
Kurtz & Bomber – Never Sleeping
Puente & Rosch – This Feeling
Parallel Dance Ensemble – Shopping Cart (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
Dirty Channels – Give It To Me
Sean Roman – Passion Crimes (Barrueta’s Theme)
Bunte Bummler – If I’d Kiss You
Tambourine Man – Sexwax
Catz ‘n Dogz – Jon Bovi
Prince Club & Poupon – Platinum
Meech – I Want
Mosca – Done Me Wrong
Worthy – Shy Look
CSY & Stripes – Footsie
A1 Bassline – Buoyancy
A$AP Rocky – Purple Swag (Jim-E Stack Bootleg)


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    Lovin this mix…RESPECT TK

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