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Atlantic Connection Logo [blue gradient] It’s been said here before that Atlantic Connection creates soulful, forward-thinking music that blurs the lines between different (and sometimes even battling) genres. Wherever depths of the musical realm that Atlantic Connection chooses to venture in, the groove and interpretation is clean and always contains the passion and flow that he puts into each track. He is, simply put, a clever producer, and with the recognized ability to create solid tracks from moombahton to drum and bass, from MTV to the depths of a music blog.

After finally wrapping up his second full length album, Atlantic Connection has also provided us with a few remixes that he’s done for a variety of deeply soulful artists, namely The Weeknd, Zero 7, and Zhan√©. His remix of Zero 7’s “Futures” is a moving, liquid drum and bass remix, where the “Destiny” remix slows things down with deeper bass. The “Hey Mr. DJ” remix throws funk into the mix, and his remix of The Weeknd’s “The Morning” puts a cheerful and funky spin on the slow track.

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SMOG Sundays is bringing Atlantic Connection to the stage this Sunday, you can still RSVP for that here. It’s a whole Deceast night with Deco, Mesck, and Trouble footing the bill. He also had a lot to say in the quick interview we got with him below; a well-rounded dude with a great selection of stuff going on.

You’ve been keeping it pretty eclectic with your production as of late from moombahsoul to dubstep, to drum & bass and house and everything in between. How would you explain where you are at musically right now?

Musically, I’m being extremely honest. I got an email yesterday on SoundCloud from a listener who more or less said he was an avid long time listener, but stated that I should stay true to DnB and not sell out to money by producing dubstep. I replied and asked him if he knew I also write acoustic soul? Which he didn’t, so I digress. I wasted a lot of time concerning myself about what I should and shouldn’t write based on others’ expectations and that was dishonest to myself, my longtime fans and more importantly, my craft.

I’ve always said this but I think there’s an overall vibe to everything I write (tempo aside). Even back in the day when it was all DnB and I received criticism for not writing hard enough tunes or being “all liquid,” I always thought there was a continuous flow in every one of my songs (never understanding the criticism or how I could avoid it). I’ve recently realized after looking back at this giant catalog of music that I’ve created, regardless of genre, that there is. The criticism will always be there, everyone has an opinion and that’s all good because so do I. I write music because I’d go crazy if it didn’t, and sometimes I want OJ instead of coffee.

Let’s talk about your recent releases. What’s out there and fresh right now from you, and what do you have forthcoming.

My brand new single with NumberNin6 on LA based Deceast Records came out last month. My side of the EP is titled “Set Me Free”, it’s a garage-ish 130-something bubbler. Deco, the owner of Deceast, has such a unique ear for music and that’s one of the reasons I love releasing with his label. Another recent release is my remix of DJ Craze’s “Dance Alone” on Slow Roast Records. That was a great experience as well as it opened the doors of creativity between Kill The Noise, Craze and I and now I’m working on a bit more in depth release with them. Armanni Reign and I have a song called “Reach” out on the Dance Central 2 video game (by Harmonix) which has been doing extremely well, that’s opened the doors to all kinds of new opportunities and exposures.

As for other labels I’m currently working on a new single for John B, that should be wrapped up soon. I’ll Most likely do another release with Hype Music this year (MTV & Extreme Music’s label) and last but not least, my sophmore album. At the moment we’re in talks with a few labels about releasing it, but nothing has been solidified yet. It’s a project I’m soo proud of and it’s gotta be right, not just right now. I was blessed to work with some amazing talent on the project including Tali, Armanni Reign, Tetris and a new comer to the scene, Noey Root (an amazing songstress you’ll be hearing a lot about this year). The first single “My Love ft. Tali” is a completely full vocal moombahton track which we have some really cool remixes in store for. I’ve done quite a few freemixes lately too, including three Zero7 songs, “Destiny”, “Home” & “Futures”, and of course the Weeknd and Zhane remixes!

Where can people come see Atlantic Connection other than the upcoming SMOG this Sunday. Will you be at SXSW and Miami?

Ooooh Miami, we’ll see, I guess I need to have a meeting with my agency and discuss… SXSW I just had a meeting with MTV last week about the events they’re doing this year. They brought me out last year for the launch of Hype Music. Armanni Reign came with, we both attended the Woodie Awards and performed live alongside Matt & Kim, Tiny Tempa, Hell & Lula and a host of other amazing indie acts. It was a great time, maybe we’ll have a redux.

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  • 1 Derek // Jul 21, 2012 at 9:49 am

    im liking that zero 7 destiny edit. good stuff

  • 2 Pam // Jan 9, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    I like The Weeknd mix.

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