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PLS DNT STP LOGOPLS DNT STP has a heavy two weeks ahead of them, as they’re headed to the West Coast to kick off a tour with their label mates Designer Drugs on the Sex Cult tour. Having made a notable impact on the dubstep scene with their remixes along with their EP “Digital Drugs,” the duo (Freddie and Tom) have been cranking out tunes in the studio along with blasting out quite a few shows on the East coast, including their monthly run in Philly, aptly titled “Beer Rave.”

We got a nice little interview in with Freddie and Tom before they pick up their bags and shove them into the Sex Cult limo to head to sunny California for the start of their tour. You can check them out in LA this Friday at Control Fridays at Avalon, tickets of which are available here. They’ve also given us a free remix for download… cop it, play it, and we’ll see you all on Friday.

Control Fridays 4/6/12 Sex Cult Tour

How are you guys? What have you been up to?

Hey hey! We’re doing splendidly. Enjoying some of the unusually nice spring weather by sitting in a dark, poorly ventilated studio. It’s been a bit of a mad dash between shows and finishing up new originals and remixes before we hit the west coast in April.†

You’re a part of Designer Drugs’ label Sex Cult. How did that relationship come about?

We were brought together by our love of fine whiskey and rocking out to Asian pop music like drunken Japanese tweens. Seriously though, we worked with Michael and Theo for quite a while on various projects, and when we started PLS DNT STP they were really into the songs. They started asking us for remixes and it has just grown from there. It was really a no-brainer; we all get along and work together nicely and have similar tastes in music, design… and Japanese tweens.

You’ve also got a tour coming up with Sex Cult’s crew. Anything you’re most excited about? Got some funny tour anecdotes?

We’re EXTREMELY pumped for Avalon in LA next week with the whole team, including our pal Alvin Risk.† Overall though, just pumped for the whole thing.† Tons of anecdotes from the midwest tour but as of right now it’s probably best to leave them off the net. Although, we can confirm that laptops and mixers are not tequila proof, it really is possible to fit more than 30 people in a limo, and Freddie may or may not have lost 20 pounds on tour.†

If you could have anyone remix a PLS DNT STP original, who would it be?

Hmm. How about 2? We would love Calvertron to remix one of our songs. His sound really kills it with the glitch+party feel. And DJ Funk. Just because.

Any pre/post set or studio rituals?

Well Four Loko used to be our go to pre studio ritual. Sadly they took it off the shelves… probably for the best. We were working in overdrive, but we def payed for it the next day. Lately we’ve switched the game up: thousands of cigarettes and an emergency IV from the Jack Lalanne juicer.

Being in the dubstep game is a pretty lucrative position to be in. Can you perhaps shed some light on some not so lucrative parts of the biz? The kind people don’t already know about…

Freddie: Interesting question. Right now, not just dubstep, but music in general there is a huge emphasis on how your music is presented ie image. Sometimes it’s awesome… it lets you put a style to your sound that you might have not been able to achieve so easily just a few years ago. On the same tip it kinda sucks having to actually dedicate so much time slapping together graphics and videos when you just want to write new songs. We started this project to make dope tracks, ya know? Word of mouth still means a lot, but you really have to step your game up to grab attention now a days. And if you don’t have the music to back it up, folks will give you a healthy 15 minutes and move on.†

Thomas: I think its a shame that there will be fewer and fewer classic, cohesive albums that will sound as good or better 30 years from now. The days of artists spending a year to create a masterpiece of an album and waiting another year or 2 to release another are long gone. They would be forgotten in the flood of new artists and releases that came out in that lull.

How do you guys split the efforts between you for PLS DNT STP? Is one of you the studio guy and the other the DJ guy?

We both dj and prefer to play together. It’s just more fun.† As far as the rest of the project, we write the music together quickly and rough sounding. Thomas does the wizard work when it comes to engineering and Freddie takes care of business and promo stuff. Freddie is a big picture type guy and Thomas is a nerdy detail guy. It’s a great balance.

Piece of studio or DJ equipment (or software tool) you wish existed?

It would be nice if there was more of a standard for DJ software interfaces, like if you didn’t need proprietary hardware to run tractor or serato etc. The whole “everyone needing different equipment at shows” can be a drag. †Something like an easier way to interface 2 or more laptops would be nice. Trying to do tag team sets with multiple serato users is less than ideal even with the SL4.

Tell us about the track you’ve given to us.

We’re super jazzed to give you guys this song. It’s a remix we put together for Scottie B, the original was a pop/electro release they had for an artist by the name of Broms. It was def a departure from the Sex Cult stuff we were remixing at the time, gave us a chance to just turn out some bouncy party shit. The response it got from Designer Drugs’ Datamix 15 was huge, so we’re stoked to finally have it out as a track. Biggups Unruly Records for allowing us to remix this as well.


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