Kastle Announces New Label: Symbols Recordings

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Symbols Recordings logoThere are few, very few, individuals in the music industry who not only repeatedly one-up the game, but continue to one-up themselves. Perhaps one of my favorite examples of this type of person is San Francisco’s own Kastle. With a sound that remains fresh and exciting while still being able to appeal to audiences across the board, Kastle has been able to develop a strong entity, one that is well-respected by everyone who’s listened in. By presenting such a unique take on bass music, many (including myself) find themselves flocking to Kastle for more. With that in mind, it is with extreme pleasure that I get to help spread the word of his brand new record label, Symbols Recordings.

With the launch of the label comes a mass of music, including a brilliant hour-long mixtape that explores many of the upcoming Symbols releases as well as artists fitting well within the Symbols niche. On top of that, the first three Symbols releases have been announced, the first an EP with four new originals from the newly-titled label boss himself and a remix from British charmers Maribou State. With clear influences from the San Francisco house scene, tracks like “Can’t Explain” and “Don’t Look Back” explore an intelligent blend between soulful melodies and drum-heavy house beats. Funky house vocals from Austin Paul on “You Said” and deep and haunting vocals and synths on “Stay Forever” round out the EP to a bit of a new realm for Kastle, but still with a wonderful Kastle signature to it all. Maribou State’s floaty remix of “Can’t Explain” is a perfect finish to the EP, and likely a perfect finale to anybody’s night, if you catch my drift…

Symbols 001 Kastle Stay Forever EP

Symbols Recordings, in true Kastle form, is lined up to explode with new music over the coming months, with upcoming releases from Jason Burns, Cosmic Revenge, Sleepyhead, and collaborations between Kastle and his fellow friends and producers. Likely much more amazing mixes are ahead as well, and with a visual aesthetic provided by Symbols’ incredibly talented art director Joyce Su, Symbols is likely to stick around in everyones brains as an outlet that encompasses beauty and charm in art, in music, and in spirit.

Give a listen to the mix and the first EP (which comes out June 5th) below, and you can also check full previews of the first three EPs now through Symbols’ website.

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