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Nostalgia LogoIt’s not surprising that musicians from small towns often come to make noisy waves in the music scene, and with Minnesota based dubstep artist Nostalgia, that statement reigns especially true. With a degree in music production, he’s been able to take multiple ranges of musical styles and productions and put his own twist on them, creating dubstep and drum n bass tunes from unexpected samples.

He recently hit 8,000 fans on Facebook, and like any true and sincere artist, has decided to share the love with a free remix: a solid drum n bass edit of a DJ Hazard tune. With ties to Play Me along with a continual one-upping of himself on charting the Beatport charts, keep an eye out for the young producer on the horizon.

Hey man! How are you?

I’m well. Taking some time off from shows to write again, hopefully I’ll have 10 new tracks finished by the end of this month :P

How do you think living in smaller towns has affected or influenced you as an artist?

Ha, I wouldn’t have known even if they were small towns. I was first inspired by System of a Down, Muse, Ben Folds and then bought subwoofers and was blown away by Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith, Hazard, and the DnB guys. I guess coming from a small town meant I found all my own stuff as far as EDM goes, but got to hear a lot of non-EDM to inspire my own productions in a different way.

How did your relationship with Play Me and specifically Reid Speed come about?

I believe I hit her up on AIM just before the Play Me Records competition went up. Then Dirty Talk and I won that competition which lead to the release of “The Hero EP.” Anyone who knows Reid knows that she’s easy to talk to and a cool person, I still hit her up.

What is it about the aspects of such different genres like funk and latin and rock that make you want to integrate them into your music?

Latin grooves man… dancy. Guitars… Americany. Strings… epicy. Idk, you’ll catch me listening to classical guitar and solo Celtic harp (with lots of reverb) as well, and if I can just take some of that awesome and use it in a track, my job is done.I like electronic music because the thing that defines what genre I’m making. A tune in is the drum groove and tempo, not the instruments on top. If you hear an odd new tune from me, it’s probably because some other tune in a different genre inspired me to use those sounds in a new way. As far as Video Game music goes, I’ll never break away from my love for that both for Nostalgic reasons and the amount of freedom you get in that genre too. There’s some great chords and melody ideas in there.

Dubstep has changed a lot in the last few years. Where do you see dubstep/dnb progressing over the next few?

I’m not sure, my favorite change is the directions DJ’s take in sets now. We all play like 5 genres instead of just dubstep; the emphasis is on a bangin’ tune and less on genre. And maybe better still is that the crowd is down for that! I’m heading in a very musical direction at the moment, less emphasis on the crazy bass and more emphasis on the songwriting and experience of the track. I’ve been collaborating with guitarists, drummers, singers, MC’s, and other musicians, which has really helped me achieve a different sound I couldn’t have obtained by myself.

Are you a big student of older Drum N Bass? Do you think that the history of dance music gets lost on some its newer fans?

Old DnB I can always go for, so good. It’s what got me into EDM. The 2004-2008 era of Drum & Bass will always contain a lot of my favorite tunes so I’m guessing plenty of the musical decisions I make are based off that. I doubt many people check the history of EDM, I think it’s something you do when you’ve been in it for a year or two and you start to be a real student of the sound. I’m sure most people check out older tunes when their favorite artists post about their influences and the search begins there.

If you could have anyone remix a Nostalgia original, who would it be?

To be honest, I’d like my friends to make great remixes of my tunes and we’ll all go on tour haha. I think my EDM heroes are kind of gone, I’m just pushing forward with my own thing.

Any pre/post set or studio rituals?

Pre-studio: windows open, lots of arnold palmer.
Post-studio: “Crap, I haven’t had a single meal today…”

Pre-show: A lil focus session… with a prayer or two, haha
Post-show: Jack ‘n coke + making sure I’ve got a taxi to the hotel

What’s up next for Nostalgia?

Planning a couple of releases. I think you’re going to see more real instruments and collabs with artists. That’s whats on my mind right now. I’m also getting married in October so I’ll have to like… get ready for that :P


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