SYMBOLS002: Jason Burns – You Should Know (OUT NOW)


Symbols Recordings logoThe second EP from Kastle‘s new record label, Symbols Recordings, is out today! From the warm soul of Jason Burns, “You Should Know” features three tracks that venture to the cosmic and alluring side of bass music. With driven percussion, emotional synths, and well-placed chopped-up vocals, the EP is a strong release for the Cleveland-based producer and a perfect fit for the newly established label.

Below you can get the downlow from Jason himself, preview the EP, and purchase it via iTunes or Beatport.

Hi Jason! How are you, what have you been up to this week?

I’m great. I’m in the middle of driving across country. My family and I are in the process of moving from Cleveland to Olympia, Washington.

How did your relationship with Symbols come about?

A mutual friend sent Barrett a few of my tunes about a year ago, and since then he’s been really supportive. We didn’t really know each other outside of sending each other music, but he was gracious enough to invite me to his studio to work on a collab while I was in SF for a show early this year, which was a really great creative experience. He basically just hit me up one day saying he was starting a label and he wanted me to be the second release. I feel really fortunate to have a label like Symbols pushing my music.

What was the inspiration behind this EP?

I wish I could point to something concrete, like a particular experience, object or idea, but I’m basically just inspired by learning new things and experimentation. For me, my main drive is just to get better and make richer, fuller, more expressive and dynamic music. I feel like I’m learning more with everything I write, so the point is to just keep going and pushing myself to new plateaus.

What’s something you wish you could have with you in the studio? It can be aaanything…

A time machine. So I could spend more time on music.




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