David Rodigan: Interview / TONIGHT at Dub Club

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For those that know a little bit about reggae history and sound clash culture David Rodigan is an all too familiar name. Most have at least heard his voiced being sampled on various jungle, DNB, and dubstep tunes. He’s voiced, selected, clashed, and interviewed some of the biggest names in reggae history, highlighted by his interview with reggae legend Bob Marley in England in 1980. The first time I saw Rodigan live was last year at the Dub Club and I was blown away by his smooth story-telling style. He just received an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire), bestowed by Queen Elizabeth herself, and presented by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. Our friend Daniel Riddim got the privilege of catching up with him shortly after his arrival back in LA after receiving it, which you can read into below.

It’s all in preparation for his return to the Dub Club tonight. Everyone with a passion for reggae, be sure to head over to the Echoplex tonight for a truly special round of Dub Club.


In the 80s, my hometown of San Diego had a run of successful events called Ram Jam, the name given to you by your friends in school. That term is used as a noun and a verb when it comes to describing banging-hot events and dancehall parties. How does that make you feel that your name is used like that?

Ram Jam is a nickname that I have had since I was sixteen so I am not bothered by its other meanings.

How do you feel about dub revival going today and where do you see the sound going?

Dub revival is a very exciting development in the music and it has potential to generate new young fans who come to it via dubstep.

In 2009 you played your first dubstep show with Caspa for his record release party. How did that come about?

Caspa asked me to voice the intro for his album and he wanted me to attend the launch party. It was a strange experience at first because it was a new audience for me but they liked what I was playing so it just rolled out from there.

Reggae music has crossed over to the water and seems to have a community everywhere, from England, America, Canada, Jamaica, Europe and Asia. Where is your favorite place to play and why?

I donít really have a favorite place to play as I enjoy playing in all my different locations. My annual beach jam in Casalabatte in Southern Italy in August is always a lot of fun.

You have voiced, clashed and interviewed some of the biggest names in the reggae community. If you could only cut just one more dub with one more artist, who would it be, and on what riddim?

If I could cut one more dub it would have been ‘My Time’ by Dennis Brown.


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