SHAKEDOWN Tomorrow + New Mix from Flinch!


Shakedown Volume 2 Flinch Back
It’s almost that time again folks, time to celebrate our great nation, the one that gave us bacon-wrapped hot dogs, Jennifer Lopez, and the telephone: AMERICA. And what better way to celebrate than with an All-American SHAKEDOWN at the LA Exchange?! Tomorrow we’re going in like true ‘mericans at the DTLA spot, with Flinch, No Body, La Muerte, and Static Cast all providing a bonafide good time to get you nice and riled-up an eve early for your 4th of July celebrations. Raise your beers (AMERICAN BEERS!) tomorrow to the good old U S of A with Flinch and crew, to the American crusade, to the only country that birthed the fathers of both Apple and Windows… and to a general good ol’ time.

Flinch has also unleashed his monster of a new mixtape, this time for Fly Society, it’s hot and toasty off his SoundCloud and available for your downloading and streaming delight below.


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