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RUN DMT logoTexas-baed RUN DMT recently dropped a full-length album on Play Me Records, and it’s a big one. Twelve tracks long with a quite a few cameos and collaborative efforts, Union of Opposites brings forth a dual-toned exploration of RUN DMTs forays into Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Glitch Hop, and more. It’s a solid effort and I think easily places RUN DMT as a fair contender within the scene considering the quick rise since their start in 2010. Play Me is a well-fitted label for the record; Reid Speed has her music game on lock and I think there’s not only a large platform in which RUN DMT’s sound can be appreciated, but also a good vibe for an artist like RUN DMT to explore the grimey side of the bass realm.

Union of Opposites RUN DMT album

The first track, “Leave With Us” is a fast-paced DNB venture, with clever vocal samples and a whole lot of energy to set the mood for the album. Going through the album, we see a defined growth from RUN DMT, a cohesive sound that all together brings a lot of sense into both their namesake as well as the album title itself. Tons of experimental, dream like, BurningMan-esque additions to all of the songs that make them more than just “another dubstep track.” It’s also extremely present that there IS a “union of opposites” within the album, some of the heavier, aggressive tracks compliment the lighter, more ambient ones… and in fact with almost every track the combination of light & dark exists as well.

As one moves forward through the album, it’s clear that a LOT of sounds went into the production, all the way from dreamy piano chords to high-pitched DnB stabs and growling basslines. The flow is impressive, consistently changing genres and tempos to hold your attention throughout the progression of the album. Most tracks contain strategically placed vocal samples, tons of drug and hip hop references for the deeply involved to get a kick out of. Personally, the more melodical and ambient tracks like “Chrystalis” and “Epilogue” are the ones that really did it for me, and although they’re not as club-ready as big bangers like “Chakra” or “Curse of the Mummy” I think they explore a really interesting and beautiful side of RUN DMT’s production that could hold a promising future. Another favorite is “Drop Top II,” a dubstep tune with hip hop vocal samples, a haunting piano, and a helicopter rolling bassline.

Overall, a truly solid effort from RUN DMT. Worth the listen and an interesting insight into RUN DMTs efforts in production. Their change of pace and style within the album is hopefully a cool insight into their DJ set too, although juggling multiple genres is easier within an album than a set, seeing RUN DMT playing around with a variety of styles would be an interesting and entertaining insight into the creation of the album.

I got the chance to speak with John shortly following Union of Opposites‘ release on all musical platforms. He delivered a lot of valuable insight into RUN DMTs progress as a musical entity and especially into the making and direction of the album. You can buy Union of Opposites on Beatport here or on iTunes here, and stream the album preview below.

Hi John! How are you? Your album dropped across the internet just this week… how’s it feel?

It feels like a breath of fresh air. I feel like this album has been my entire life for the better part of the last year and it’s surreal to have the final product out. I am very pleased with the outcome. It has been a crazy ride to say the least. I am very thankful to have made it out alive.

What’s the meaning behind “Union of Opposites”?

Union Of Opposites can be summed up by the principle of polarity, which means that everything has its opposing characteristics. If light exists, dark must exist also. This album was a musical reflection of that concept. In each track, there are opposing emotional stances created through the combination of genres and styles which create a new expression.

How did your collaborations on the album come about?

Most of the collaborations came about from existing amicable relationships. Zeale, Zardonic and Derek have been friends of mine for quite a while and we have always talked about working on tracks together. The track “Into the Sun” started out as a side project between myself and Derek Allen in which he sung the entire song. While the verses were really good, it was this hook that stood out to me, so i called the best MC that I know, Zeale, and asked him to spit a couple of verses. The track came together spectacularly. The rest is history. It was really cool to work with Chali 2na and DJ Swamp. Chali and I met at SXSW this year and Swamp I met at a festival a few months prior. The original concept was to have Chali do a verse on a beefed up version of our giveaway track, “Bass Drum” and have Swamp scratch on it. Unfortunately, I felt like Bass Drum did not do Chali’s vocal enough justice, so I sat down, a mere 2 days before the album deadline, and wrote out what would become “This Or That.” It was stressful, but I work well under stress and ended up with one of my favorite tracks on the album.

What’s been your favorite part of the electronic music spectrum in 2012? What are you looking forward to?

I love the enthusiasm and the general excitement that surrounds EDM right now. Everyone is really supporting the sound and im very thankful to be a part of it. This year, I feel like people are starting to be more forward thinking on their sound and creating some really sick new stuff. I’m really looking forward to new stuff from Flosstradamus, Seven Lions, and all these producers that are killing it right now.

One thing you wish you had on hand during the making of the album (it can be real or imaginary)?

Endless supplies of Kombucha, hummus, and a better vaporizer. I would have liked to have a vocalist on the album, for real though. I love original vocals and working directly with vocalists. I actually have a new project called Perspective that is more focused on the more vocal and musical facets of bass music.

What’s up next for RUN DMT? You doing any touring in liu of the album release?

Yeah, lots of touring. Lots of writing for the new project. Lots of good lovin’ till the sun goes down. I’m looking forward to Lights Out Festival in Miami this month with my buddies Crizzly and Helicopter Showdown. Going to be a hell of a time for sure.


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