Sleepyhead – Endless Island [SMBL004 Out Now!]


Symbols Recordings logoThe latest in the front of Kastle‘s fresh new label comes from Brooklynite Sleepyhead. From front to back, Endless Island is loaded with deep, slow grooves, with some serious emotion packed into six tracks. With a cohesive blend of atmospheric melodies and low-end, ritual-ready drum patterns, Endless Island leaves the listener in an almost trance-like state, exploring the caverns of the mind, perhaps in a similar light to the depths one would go internally when left on their own endless island.



The opening track, Endless Intro, starts off the EP with a sound that eerily reminds me of what I would hear if I was walking to my inevitable death; creepy, I realize, but moody and deep enough to pique interest to the progression of the EP. Lost At Sea brings in the collaborative effort from another transient bass favorite of mine, HxdB. Probably the most “house” sounding track in the EP, still deep and slow with dreamy, faint vocal quips. Enter Rainbow Thorns, the third track and my stand out favorite on the EP. More garage in its patterns, super-slow synths, leaves your brain in a post dopamine-rush kind of state. Lrdhvmrcy takes things even slower with haunting chords and deep cuts. Junglz picks up the pace a bit and continues with the garage sound, and finally the title track Endless Island closes out the EP by bringing back a house type drum pattern and warped moody house vocals, still keeping things deep and emotional which envelops the togetherness of the EP.

Lots and lots of goosebumps felt throughout this entire EP, after a few listens in my munitio headphones I definitely had to stop and shudder a few times, in a good way. I am consistently impressed by Kastle’s finesse in culminating a unique taste with his label, carving an intelligent niche within the music scene with the use of new artists, clever artistic design, and a clear focus. It doesn’t hurt that since Symbols‘ launch just a few months ago he’s already dropped four releases…

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The next couple of weeks are looking quite busy for young Sleepyhead, with his EP release party going down this Friday in New York City with support from label boss Kastle himself as well as the extremely talented Kingdom. As I am aware, Sleepyhead also making his way down to the west coast for a few shows in August… stay posted here at Media Contender for more on those!

Sleepyhead has also dropped a free track through Symbols in addition to his EP release. “Been” is filled with lots of cymbals (pun semi-intended), popping drum kicks, lots of moody synths, and dope R&B sounding vocal samples… where the party at?


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