UFO! – GO! [MC Exclusive]


Our friend and veteran producer UFO! has been a busy, busy man in the studio, slamming together an entire album for release with another friend and veteran, Bro Safari. In anticipation for the upcoming album drop, Edwin aka UFO! will be putting out a few new tracks for free download to the world, and we at Media Contender get to give you the first one!

GO! is a forward-moving, space-age take on trap, with lots of “blade runner” type progressions and of course the quintessential “helicopter” snare pattern. Grab the track for free below & catch up with the LA transplant below!

Hi Edwin! How are you? What have you been up to this week?

Hi Laura, Iím great! This week has been pretty busyó Bro Safari and I are in the final stages of our new album thatís coming out soon so Iíve been working pretty hard on getting my end done. Iím also getting ready to release a few tunes on my label China Blackó two original UFO! tunes and also a collaborative track with Kuru. Aside from that, Iíve been putting the finishing touches on a remix Iím doing for SPL.

Tell us a little bit about your upcoming album with Bro Safari. How did that come about?

Well, Knick and I first worked together on an EP last October called Future Primitive that was released on the moombahton label El Cuco. A couple months after that I moved to LA from San Francisco and pretty much as soon as I got here we just kept writing tunes. Knick would send me files of tunes he had started and I would finish them by the next night. We were knocking them out so fast that we decided to do an entire album instead of an EP as we had originally planned. I blame the quick turnaround on my excitement of being in a new cityó having a new studio, connecting with new people and working on new projects. Knick and I work really well together, and very efficiently. You could say itís a total Postal Service way of making music.

What’s up with China Black? What drove you to create the label, and what’s coming up next?

Well, Iíve always had a knack for understanding what talent was and recognizing its potential (hence PHUNCKATECK). China Black is a way for me to push and develop artists that I feel embody this potential but lack the support that a veteran producer like myself can bring. Now that Iíve been in the music game for over 20 years, Iím starting to realize that the way to go is to be self-sufficient, call my own shots and set my own standards. Itís a way for me to maintain creative control over what I make and put out and what the story is behind the tune. Weíve got a lot of exciting things lined up for these coming monthsóeverything from moombah-jungle tunes to minimal apocolyptic trap tunes to gnarly Nero drum and bass tunes.

What do you need to have with you in the studio? What do you wish you had?

I donít really need muchó Iím not the kind of guy that needs fancy hardware and a million nobs. Iíve been making my music on a laptop for a while now and Iím pretty much okay with whatís available to me when it comes to software synths, VSTs and whatnot. Itís not so much the question of what I need in the studio as what I need to do. Thanks to the fact that Iím living in LA, thereís a pool in my apartment building so what I do every morning is I go for a swim. Thereís a creative process that goes on while Iím swimming or holding my breath under wateróI imagine the tune in my head and what it needs in order for it to progress to the next stage, I play around in the water for about 30 minutes or so and then I go back upstairs to my studio and start executing what I had just imagined while I was in the water. Itís a luxury that Iíve never really had thatís kind of made my music making experience a lot more interesting. But then again, I sometimes already wake up with the idea in my head and I get straight to it. Then I jump in the pool. Hahaha.

What records have been on repeat? Any favorite artists to keep an eye on?

You know, my taste in music is pretty much all over the board. I like whatever I think has character and originality. I try to keep my mind open to different kinds of music because I think it helps my production out. But at the end of the day, I always go back to the greatsófrom The Beatles to Noisia to Juicy J.

You’ve been all over the musical map, making drum n bass, moombahton, and various in-betweens. Is there a particular sound or style you’d like to challenge yourself to, but haven’t yet?

I guess classical music sometime in the future. It involves an enormous amount of instruments being played at the same time. Lately, with my album with Bro Safari, Iíve been playing with more orchestral pieces and parts. Since I was a kid Iíve always enjoyed film scores and things of the sort. So yeah, I think classical would be interesting, but more along the lines of what you would expect to happen in the next 20 yearsó some weird, futuristic way of interpreting classical music.

What’s up next for UFO! (other than the album)?

December 21, 2012. Thatís whatís up. Lol.


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  • 1 fisher man // Oct 4, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    where do I get the download… UFO! is a boss! west coast repping and holding it down.

  • 2 fisher man // Oct 4, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    never mind, I see it s on the soundcloud.

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