CYP2: Franki Chan Interview & Cold Showers Mixtape


Big night ahead of us tonight with the Check Yo Ponytail lineup of DIIV, Violens, Cold Showers, and Deathday. Plenty of stuff to hype you for the evening, including an awesome mixtape that just dropped from Cold Showers. and a great, extensive interview with the man behind all the Check Yo nights from the booking to the sound to the flyer: Franki Chan. I’ve always appreciated and respected Franki’s opinion and hustle, and in the interview below it’s clear he shines through as an important figure in LAs event scene and beyond.


Hi Franki! How are you, what have you been up to this week?

Tired! This week was pretty insane. I spent almost every hour of the past week working on the FOOL’S GOLD DAY OFF LA event that happened on Sunday (Oct 7). IHC teamed up with FG to produce the event and it was a pretty crooked road from the date we decided to do it a few months ago up until the event itself. We put a ton of time into finding the ‘perfect’ venue and about 10 days before the event the city told us about a cycling event that was happening and we lost it. All that work gone. So, 10 days out we had to start all over from scratch and somehow ended up pulling it off, and I feel very successfully. It was a crazy process building a festival top to bottom in that amount of time, but something inside me gets a sick kind of kick from a challenge like that. I’m really happy with the job we did. Next year hopefully the road will be a little smoother. On top of that, IHC also organized the after party and 2 other events over the weekend, including a IHC take over at the ACE in Palm Springs. I also had to DJ 3 times this week, so it was very busy indeed.

I noticed on Twitter you’ve been practicing on the drums? What’s that about?

Yes! My good friend, Jacob Cooper (Wavves, Mae Shi), asked me to play drums for his new band, HEAVEN. It’s very 90’s sounding. We’ve been practicing a lot and are playing our first show at The Echo in LA on Oct 31 w Bleached and Hunx & His Punx. Super excited.

Check Yo Ponytail‘s artwork has always been a unique and notable part of its branding. Are there any artworks from the flyers and whatnot that you’re particularly proud of?

A lot of the flyers of this past year I’m really proud of. It feels like there has been more of a style that is both dynamic and humorous that has popped up, whereas the first year I think I was still struggling to figure out exactly what the narrative was. I always want the art to have a consistent feel, yet be able to be very specific to the artist or genre for a particular show. Part of figuring that out came from the natural evolution of the current version of the series itself where it began as an eclectic night where each bill was very mixed and turned into very focused bills that switched genres with each event. Some of my faves from the past year include: SPACEGHOSTPURRP/Trash Talk, Grimes/Lemonade, Big Freedia, Com Truise, and Skrillex/12th Planet/Caspa.

Another thing CYP2 has always been at the forefront of is bringing cool, unique, upcoming talent to LA (and on tour!). Keeping in that light, are there any special artists out there you’re really loving right now?

So many! Music is so good right now. So many different artists from all kinds of genres are coming up and putting out all kinds of great music. It’s a really exciting time to be involved with what is going on. I’m stoked for the artists playing at the CYPs coming up in particular. Every chance we get, we put the music we love the most right now on stage at CYP. Here is what is coming up:

10/9: DIIV, Violens, Cold Showers, Deathday
10/16: Riff Raff, Kitty Pryde, Lil Debbie, Fat Tony & Tom Cruz, Brrrang-A-Dang
11/20: The Internet
12/4: How To Dress Well, Born Gold, Groundislava, Bago

You’re kinda the renaissance man of music art and events here in LA. Anything you’d like to challenge yourself to next? Is there something you just absolutely will never be able to do well?

There are 3 things I’d really love to get to at some point. Who knows if they will ever happen:
1. Create my own music festival.
2. Make my own comic book.
3. Direct a movie.
…. I will never be a good cook :(

Any good movies you’ve seen recently? Any we should stay away from?

I saw LOOPER recently. It was pretty rad. I liked DREDD 3-D too, but idk if anyone else did. ha. EXCITED TO SEE TAKEN 2!

What makes LA unique as a city to curate events in?

LA I feel is the most exciting place to be in the world right now, in terms of events and promoters. LA promoters have made events into an art form. I’m surprised no one in the media has focused in on this. LA promoters are leading the charge not just in how events & parties are done, but they are being franchised out around the world and literally changing the face of music. Rhonda, SMOG, Low End Theory, Part Time Punks, The Do-Over, FYF Fest, Coachella, HARD, Check Yo Ponytail, etc…. These are all recognized names the world over. It’s really incredible. That amount of energy, creativity and competition makes LA and very fun and challenging place to do events. You HAVE to bring your A game if you want any chance of standing out.

What are you excited about for tonight’s lineup?

DIIV and Violens both put out 2 of my favorite records of the past year. Both are very shoe-gazey/Alt style records drawing on influences very much in the vein of The Cure, The Smiths, Husker Du and My Bloody Valentine. DIIV tends to be a little more on the noisier side with essences of Nirvana. Violens are more on the pop side. Both are sweet!

What’s up next in the world of Franki Chan and IHEARTCOMIX?

Most immediately is the upcoming 2 Year Anniversary of CHECK YO PONYTAIL! It’s crazy to think that it’s been that long already. We’ll be having a ton of goodies coming out around the celebration of CYP including new videos, mixes and hopefully some news for the CYP Tour Movie we’ve been working on over the past year.
IHC is looking to have a fairly busy fall, but soon we’ll start to turn our attention back to SXSW. Looking to make 2013 our biggest year yet! Also, starting next week, IHC will start to have it’s own weekly live streamed TRL style show on We’ll be broadcasting live from Meltdown Comics every week!
And personally, you can expect a ton of new DJ stuff coming up. Getting back out there a bit. Also, just about done w a big new drawing project I look forward to showing off soon!



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