About Media Contender

Who is Media Contender?
We are the underdogs and we are everywhere. You can find us on the streets amongst the producers, DJs, musicians, graphic designers, photographers, graffiti artists, and individuals that you may not know about yet, but should. They are the dreamers, the ones that pursue the things they love without compromise. We champion the independent entrepreneurial spirit and lift up the people that stand for something.

What does Media Contender do?
Media Contender is made up of creative professionals who have been actively curating underground music and culture for over 30 years. Our goal with Media Contender is to create a brand that stands for quality not quantity. One that you can trust which will introduce you to other brands and deliver content that allows extraordinary access to the artists that are making an impact at the core of the culture. Whatever project we take on, the goal is to bring the brand to life.
The music, videos, and interviews presented on our website are intended to support and promote and are as a result of direct contact with the artists and/or their management team. We are one of the few to provide mp3’s at high quality and exclusively to our readers. If there is a track or video that you own the rights to that needs to be removed, please contact us.

How can I contact Media Contender?
Please email us at media at mediacontender dot com. We’ll reply just as quickly as possible!

Why am I receiving email from Media Contender?
We’re not spammers, do not condone spam or even like the taste of it. Chances are you signed up for the mailing list which is an opt-in system. Please also note that when you subscribe to the site as a username, your email address is automatically added to our mailing list. Don’t want to receive our blasts? No problem, just put in a request via the above Contact form. You will be removed promptly.

Where can I download the Media Contender logo?
Show your support for Media Contender by adding our logo to your flyer! Download the .eps file here.

Who runs Media Contender?
Media Contender is a partnership between Danny Johnson (LA),
Jeff Tovar (LA), and Clancy Silver (TOR/LA).