SMOG ft. Kode9 & Salva + Salva Interview



SMOG’s Sunday Sessions is back for another successful round at Los Globos, and this time with an awesome lineup of Kode 9, Salva, and Kuma. Pulling artists from a few of the major cities making a dope imprint in the music scene (London, Vancouver, San Francisco), this episode of SMOG Sundays is sure to be a massive hit.

We managed to catch our boy Salva just before his slew of shows for the weekend for an interview, which was a fun little exchange and well worth a read. Salva has a great insight for music and after completing the Red Bull Music Academy, pushing out tons of music including a full album, and hosting events through his own record label, seems well on his way to becoming even bigger and badder. Big ups to Salva, and can’t wait for Sunday!

Hi Paul! How are you, what have you been up to this week?

I’m good! Just got back from New York; I played The Do-Over in Brooklyn this past Sunday which was insane.. Just been grinding in the studio all week, getting ready for the weekend of shows.

You just got to throw down a set with your Friends of Friends family at one of LA’s first Boiler Rooms… how was it? Who do you hope to see in LA’s next rounds?

It was wild, haha. Once you get all of us FoF fools together it’s always jokes. I think Boiler Room is one of the biggest things in underground music this year — I love what they do and I’m humbled to have done it. A lot of people were watching I was kinda shook, I had to medicate hahahah. I think an Innovative Leisure Boiler Room would be dope, think they just signed Nosaj Thing and Classixx.

Speaking of Friends of Friends, they’re doing some really dope stuff in a creative and fresh way, it seems… how did you become a part of them and I guess just tell us a little bit about the FoF movement (and if you can spill the beans on what’s up next)?

I used to book shows when I lived in SF and I think I hit up Leeor (head of FoF) about booking Shlohmo for our weekly…this was almost 3 years ago already. I sent them some demos and signed a 45, that turned into an EP, that quickly became “yo lets do this album”. My record Complex Housing came out at the beginning of last year and I hit the road, and man I guess everybody was doing their thing and we all just popped shit off together. I got real close to all these cats and now we’re a big goofy family. All I can say on whats coming is amazing stuff, new records from everybody…and they just launched a side label focusing on deep dance stuff called Young Adults which is pure class.

You just moved out to LA early this year, after living in quite a few cities before hand. What’s the perks of living out here? What do you wish existed here that doesn’t?

I hope to never leave LA!! I moved here at the beginning of last year actually, right when my album came out.. I’ve just been in the road so much I’ve had to enjoy our city in small doses. But I’m really feeling at home now… the food is dope, weather of course, so much good music cracking off, and I got the team here. I’m home for sure.

How was being a part of RBMA? What are your favorite aspects / memories, and who would you recommend it to?

I always say it, but I’m not ashamed of being a cheerleader — RBMA changed my life. I can go on and on about it but anybody involved in music in any capacity should consider applying. The folks involved with organizing it are amazing — they’re all legit music heads and that’s why they do it, because they love music. It’s a beautiful thing. I got to be in the studio with some of my heroes like RZA, Bootsy Collins, Mannie Fresh, Trevor Horn, Nile Rodgers and others, and I made best friends with many of the other participants. It was a crazy experience.


2012 truly seems like the year to pioneer new waves of what we define as club music, something you’ve been pushing for a while now. What are you excited about with what’s going on, and what do you hope for in the forseeable or distant future?

No different from any year previous — there’s new trends, new sounds, new hype…haters and enthusiasts, and a wealth of young talent making shaking everybody up hahaha. Regardless, at the end of the day, if you dig, there’s an endless amount of good music being made right now that will suit what you love. It’s inspiring. I’m really optimistic — as much as certain trends get blown out, I feel the ascension for underground music is quicker than ever, and pop music is more forgiving than it’s ever been for WEIRD shit. Now more than ever is the time to DO YOU.

Any studio or pre/post set rituals?

My medical card has recently expired so legally I’m not at liberty to comment.

Something you wish you had while producing / djing?

When I get mega paid one day (haha, just putting it out there into the universe) I’m getting a big Funktion One or Void sound system in my house. I wanna be able to test all my tunes on a massive rig at home. Oh, and throw family style breakfast raves.

Any misnomers / rumors / etc about yourself or the industry you’d like to squash?

I promise I was never a part of the Las Vegas all male nude review “Thunder Down Under.”

What’s up next for Salva/FriteNite/etc?

Frite Nite is cracking, we have a new 12″ coming next week from B. Bravo and Teeko — which is all analog synth real life true blue FUNK MUSIC. Those cats are some of the realest musicians I know. Then next month we have a big filthy 2 track release from Clicks & Whistles that’s been my secret weapon and I’m excited to put out, and then shortly after another classic Grenier release.
As for me, I’m in the lab trying to get better…always. I’m working on a lot of various productions for other artists, remixes and solo stuff. I’m working on getting another proper solo release out very soon.

Favorite Kode9 song?

I always liked that tune “Black Sun”, it’s really warped out and has a cool old school funky electro bassline. I just saw him play for like 15k people at Sonar in Barcelona a few months back and it kinda fucked my brain up a little.


UZ – Fall Tour Dates & UKF Mixtape


The mysterious UZ, from unknown territory and of unknown gender, age, or race, is taking a slight step from his shadowy existence to jet off on a mass of fall tours, first jetting off to Canada and then to Europe with Foreign Beggars. After his busy run of touring up north and overseas, UZ heads to the sunny realms of California for a mass of shows out here as well, stopping at all the great LA and SoCal functions including Dance Right and Low End Theory, two Halloween festivals (Escape From Wonderland and HARD’s Day of the Dead) and finally making a very special appearance with the legendary Rusko at SMOG’s event at The Observatory.

It’s been a fascinating few months watching the masked musician appear from the unknown depths of the internet, his “TRAP SHIT” series quickly spreading like wildfire across blogs and social networks and upped by the likes of the largest names in the newly trendy “trap” music scene, such as Diplo, Flosstradamus, Baauer, Craze, and more. He just dropped another massive mixtape, this time through the likes of the biggest representative in all things bass music: UKF.

Give it a listen to the mix, and be sure to check out UZ in his upcoming tour dates across the globe below.

Pawn’s “Thinking Of You” EP & Free Download


Pawn, a California product with a tinge of UK vibe, is another of SMOG’s recent transplants to LA. It is always special when in celebrating different artists’ moves to the home town of Media Contender, we can share the music they make with the world.

Coming out next week is Pawn’s EP on 119 Sound, “Thinking Of You.” A four track EP that explores the influences of Chicago footwork, jungle, drum and bass, and UK hardcore, Thinking Of You is an interesting journey into Pawn’s current mindset and cohesively forward direction that intelligently blends a lot of heavyweight established influences. You can stream the EP below, and watch a cool little video to the title track as well.

In anticipation for the upcoming release (which drops September 11th, by the way), Pawn has gone and remixed what he proclaims to be one of his favorite songs of all time, Elliot Smith’s “Needle In The Hay,” and is giving it away for FREE! Woo! It’s a cool remix that puts a new spin and direction on the song without removing any of the depth or emotion. Pretty dope. Keep your shaving razors away for this one (please someone get this reference!)

Antiserium & Mayhem – Brick Squad Anthem


Brick Squad Anthem

If you got the chance to witness the SMOG domination of Avalon in Hollywood two weeks ago, then you’re probably no stranger to the explosive new tune that Antiserum and Mayhem collaborated together with to drop exclusively on their Soundcloud today. “Brick Squad Anthem” is a lively bass-ridden jam which embodies the latest trend and bend in dubstep and bass music: trap-influenced energizers that leave your head nodding and your elbows up.

You can, of course, go ahead and peep our man Cru Joness’ recap of the amazing SMOG Avalon takeover below as well.